Puuha Group is a Finnish manufacturer of playground equipment and outdoor furniture

The company was established in 1989. We are located in Turku, in South-Western Finland. In addition to a wide range of playground equipment and outdoor furniture, Puuha Group is the only manufacturer to offer a range of playground equipment with Moomin characters. Children love the sweet Moomin characters and parks with Moomin products are popular among the whole family. Now our most popular playground products are also available in modern and stylish colour themes called Grasshopper, Seal and Ladybird. At Puuha Group we are professional and enthusiastic, eager to innovate and develop the way we do things. Our ambitious plans for the future include widening the activities abroad, and bringing new and innovative products and concepts to the market.

Puuha Group is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Puuha Group Oy has achieved the high Rating Alfa classification assigned by Suomen Asiakastieto