Durable high-quality materials

The wooden parts of our products are either impregnated or glue-laminated. The wood protective liquids used do not contain arsenic or chrome. Wood is used in poles, horizontal structures, roof elements, rails in pavilions as well as in tables and benches. Polyethylene is durable, through-coloured, UV-protected and does not decompose. That is why polyethylene is an excellent choice for demanding weather conditions. Being oil-based, it rejects dirt and is easier to clean.

Polyethylene does not require painting or maintenance like traditional materials. It is a safe and recyclable material. Thanks to its several good qualities, it is a highly versatile, non-splintering material that has established its position in many functions where other materials, such as plywood, were earlier used.

Polyethylene is used in slide sides, various wall elements, play shelters, sandboxes and tables. Sheet thickness varies according to the demands of the intended function.

Metal and steel parts are hot-dip galvanized, electro galvanized or powder coated depending on the intended use. Special colours for the metal parts are available based on the RAL colour chart. Steel enforced rope is used in climbing frames and the chain parts of the swings are protected.