Our warranty terms

Wooden and metal parts of playground and park equipment have a 10-year warranty. The wooden parts in ground contact have a warranty period of 3 years.

Spring riders and other structures have a 5-year warranty. The warranty applies to free delivery of replaceable parts, if the parts are broken due to material or manufacturing defect. Warranty does not cover abnormal use, vandalism or normal wear and tear. Warranty is valid on the condition that all installation and maintenance instructions provided by Puuha Group have been followed. The manufacturer has a product liability insurance.

Play equipment comply with European safety standards EN 1176-1:2008 and safety surfaces with the standard EN 1177:2008. The technical service organization TÜV Product Service carries out annual plant and product inspections and issues certificates based on these inspections.

With proper maintenance you can ensure that your play equipment is safe and reliable also during coming years. Regular maintenance prevents risky situations from evolving, prolongs the lifecycle of the equipment and ensures that your playground is in accordance with the applicable safety standards.